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Flag shakey 191 posts

Yeah but you got to admit, she is wearing a lot of bling these days.

100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

You know Tiffany? I saw her a couple days ago. She was doing ok, the kids are fine too. She’s putting on a little weight tho, but still the same old Tiffany.

Better pocheck logo POcheck 3 posts

I love working in Probation and Parole. Also love assisting agencies with streamlining their offender reporting. Evidence Best Practice!

100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

I guess that’s nice, weathers turning colder, CO’s need jackets too I guess… And boots. Boots are good… Can’t see doing this job in heels tho, but then again Beth Chapman seems to do an OK job bounty hunting in them… Thanks for the ad wangbeibei521.

Now if I just new where to get some hot sauce… Shaky?

Male user Larry 4 posts

Why is House Arrest so SLOW? For years now it gets harder and harder to Bond some one out. The Judge sets a bond with house arrest,Ok now you get to the jail ask for your person, and your on the phone to House Arrest at the same time and give both the info needed to post a bond. Your at the jail at 5:00pm calling House Arrest and keeping up on the Records Clerk at Jail. were sitting it out…. 7:45 you call up at the jail to see whats up? They are just waiting for House Arrest to get the fax. Time passes Slowy 8:01pm we call House Arrest, Now they say they cant do it . its after 8:00pm we can come back at 6:00am.
This has happend over and Over again. It has NOT always been this way. The House Arrest Department is located within the Adult Residential Center, and operates on a 24-hour basis. “they do not have any one trained to set up the House Arrest equipment”; This has been the story Ive got for YEARS. Than TRAIN SOME ONE! I do not get paid by the hour. Only by what I get out. so my time is useless to HOUSE ARREST. and if a Judge sets a bond can House Arrest say other wise to his release? when the jail is ready and the Judge says ok then House should have some one there. is their a Lawer in the House? or can we vote whoever OUT to get this fixed! Johnson County Kansas

Better pocheck logo POcheck 3 posts

Are there any P&P people on here? Be safe out there….

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