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Women CO's in County Jail- Feedback Wanted


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Male user Squeeze 135 posts

A 24yr old female Corrections Officer was laid to rest today in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Amanda Baker was allegedly killed by 2 juveniles in a Scottsbluff detention center last Friday during an escape attempt. We here at Douglas County pray for the family of Amanda Baker to find peace. Many representatives form local and out of state departments attended the funeral. We are so sorry for losing an officer so young. She was pronounced brain dead after the attack and murder, but the organs were donated to hopefully provide life for others. All our love and prayers. Squeeze

I didn’t post this to scare you. mI posted this to let you know what can happen. You will be faced with this potential situation every day. If you don’t prepare yourself with all the available training and what ever you can find locally to better prepare yourself, including communication skills and confidence building exercises then you are doing a diservice to yourself and your coworkers because the life or limb you may save may be theirs. I’m not saying that you have to be a knuckle dragging Neadrethal, but to be prepared and willing to be exactly that ( at least a trained neadrethal) when that time comes. And as Campi states, there arn’t any off limit areas. When your training does not result in the desired outcome and you are fighting for yours or your coworkers life there arn’t any rules. I work in a jail that when I and another previously experienced officer came here in the 90’s the officers were afraid to do anything because the previous administrations were still in the 80’s "kinder and Gentler mindset. We came from prison experience and were instructors and court expert witnesses. When we introduced a system of defensive tactics that was state mandated then the entire atmosphere at our jail changed. When the inmates understood that we no longer were going to be punching bags and WE were going to control the institution the number of officer assaults plummeted. Have confidence in yourself and yuor training, yourself and your sisters and brothers. Be the Sheepdog out there on the perimeter looking for the rightous fight with the wolves, but do it professionally and judiciously.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Bettering yourself never hurts. Learn something that is good against larger opponents because most fo the inmates have nothing to do but work out and do just that. Also poking people in the eyes and kicking them in the nutty bag are always fair game if they attack you.

We can do it OfficerNew 10 posts

As a new CO, I am wondering about others experience in County Jails. I have heard that with AB 109 county jails are more dangerous than in years past. Please share your thoughts on this.

Also, as a new recruit I will not be attending the Academy for almost seven months.

My in house training will last 14 weeks. Is this the best practice? Do I need more than two afternoons of Defensive Tactic Training?

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