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In hiring process please help!


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well that issue probably will not stop you from becoming a officer. They have a pill log fill it out as you come in and check your meds. Don’t give them to inmates and don’t fall into bringing crap in to feed your habit. I suggest a much safer one like video games or collecting porcelain figurines.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

I understand why you take the suboxone, my concern is the emotonal and physical dependency that you may fall back on when you begin to experience the stress of corrections. This is an issue I believe the employer will be concerned about. The fact you take such a pharm is a concern for corrections due to the pressure of inmates on staff to traffic contraband and you have it! You have a legitimate reason to take it but the fact you have access to it probably concerns them. My suggestion (if it were me) would cold turkey it and get it overwith. I am glad you are over the injury, I truly understand the pain you went through. Once your done with the suboxone then you can tell the employer your done with it. You would think inmates would never know but there is such a vast number of ways for them to find out personal information like that. But once you’ve kicked it the employer will have more confidence in your fitness for duty. Just my bucks worth. Keep us informed, were praying for your success.

Male user bva752 2 posts

Thank you so much for the kind words…heres the situation…my shoulder is 100% and I do not take the suboxone for the pain..I take it for opiate dependance. Trying to wean off slowly.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

You were corrct to be honest about the medication. When will you wean yourself off of the painkillers? I put up with it for 24 yrs without painkillers but I finally had the full surgery 3 years ago and am pain free since. Given the nature of our business you are undoubtedly going to use that shoulder in combat and possibly injure it again. How does it prevent you from functioning normally. No they can’t prevent you from being hired but think about what you need to do to maintain strength and flexibility in that shoulder without painkillers. Your intergrity is the most valuable asset you can posses and you must earn that from your co-workers. It starts at the moment you begin the hiring process. If you can’t function without the painkillers then find a pain control center to learn how too. That dependency on PK will always be there to temp you into being hooked again.It would be a shame to begin a great career and then somtime down the road fall back into the dependency due to some trigger or incident that stresses you out too much. You sound like the beginnings of a good warrior , stick it out Good luck and God’s speed.

Male user bva752 2 posts

Hey guys I’m new to this forum but I’m hoping someone might have an answer for me. So I just recently passed the PT test (first step) and am currently going through the whole hiring process. This Monday I’m going in for orientation and a tour of the jail. Heres my question: I had serious shoulder surgery twice back in 2006 and developed a dependency for pain killers. To make a long story short, I got clean and have been taking Suboxone (doctors prescription) for about 3 years. It is a small dose, but nonetheless it is a controlled substance. On my application I listed it under current medications that I’m taking because I figured I should be up front with them about it. I understand that they can’t legally not hire me because of this, but maybe they’ll give another reason. I think I’m really qualified for the job…I speak 3 languages, have my license to carry, and completely clean record, so maybe the suboxone will be overlooked? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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