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Hey everyone!


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well the big thing they will look at is cost. The size of your facility also factors in. If you are a small facility where they have a limited staff to begin with is there really a need. I am sure they have a state wide team that is on call or have a backup plan if a critical incident happens. If you are larger then they will need proof it is required and can justify the training hours and buying equipment. If you can come up with a plan that does not cost them any more money than it should be fine. Look into getting older equipment donated by the SWAT teams of your local city that they are retiring. Then see if you have extra bodies to cover the training at no cost. Then put it in a proposal format. If you can create a proposal that is well written and encompasses every aspect of the teams creation to where they do not have to think about it and it does not cost them money I am sure they will take all the credit for it and you will have a Special Response Team of your own.

Male user turnkey1985 1 post

Hey everyone!

I am a Detention Officer in Mississippi I have been on the job for four years. I am also a vetern of OIF. I am very tactically minded and am trying to convince my jail that we should at least look into forming a CET or CERT. Any help or advice or direction that can be given is always appreciated and never turned away.

Stay safe!

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