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A sad state.


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Female user Justus 11 posts

My line was cast and I caught me a live one!
This my friends is how you find a “hot head, heat score” amongst your ranks!
Inmates don’t need video games when they can push your buttons all day!

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Thank you for proving my point that you are indeed clueless. Nobody mentioned anything about abusing inmates or as you call it “whoop convict ass”. I said fair firm and consistant and that in no means supports abuse. But I’m sure in your mind taking lil johnny inmates super nintendo equals cruel and unusual punishment. If you are in fact in corrections then sadly i’d say your a huge liability to yourself and everyone in your institution. Far as God and America go I do so hope you are not a citizen my country. Sadly if you are then show some respect for it or kindly leave it. I do hear China has real open minds about correctional and inmate reform. Maybe you’ll be of some help there.

Female user Justus 11 posts

Ah yes, the pre-contemplative stage of change. They say ignorance is bliss…you my friend must be in ecstasy! Miller and Rollnick would be proud of your skills! You convinced me with all your clever quips and sarcastic charm, tomorrow morning I am going to go straight to work and WHOOP ME SOME CONVICT ASS!! YEEEEHAWWWW! Gawd bless Merika!

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Sadly if thats the case then it seems to me you have turned your back on the brothers and sisters working in corrections provides. Officers in my state prefer the much more balanced firm fair and consistant way of doing our jobs. Spell check is something we use when we deem something important enough to use the time. This is not one of those times. Furthermore officers in my state wouldn’t willingly work with anyone having the views that “inmates are all good little boys and girls” is a worthwhile approach. So once again “you know nothing of corrections” because corrections isn’t inmate hugging its being fair and consistant. Just Saying….

Female user Justus 11 posts

Oh Irish Assassin, a rose by any other name would smell as….but I digress….no I know nothing about security, other than the fact that knowing your inmate is the greatest form of security in any setting, private sector, state run, linear jail setting, dynamic security, podular remote…whatever you call prison. I know all about gang rivalry, shanks made out of toothbrushes and all other fear based violence. I also know canteen, art programs, music, work and even video games if used mindfully by correctional staff are excellent tools for behavior modification and alleviate inmate idleness which can also lead to incidents and security breaches. As far as helping those on the “outs” I have been a correctional officer in many capacities for over 15 years, worked with men, women and youth…I have even found those I work with community supports and resources to do my part to lower the recidivism rate and protect the tax payers that fund my employ :-). The one thing you and I can agree on, is no one can change unless they are at that stage to make that decision….I am sure you know all about motivational interviewing though….well on that note I bid you adieu…..by the way, do the officers in your state have to know how to spell in order to write reports? Just saying……

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Wll said Irish. Bravo. Couldn’t have put it any better.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Hmmm…. Sitting in jail quietly? how many inmates do I know who do that? Next to none. Maintaining security by giving inmates an electronic device which can be used for gambling, extorted, and made into various forms of contraband? Obviously you know NOTHING about security in corrections. Far as treating people like garbage goes, yes that held SOME truth years back but nothing like what you imply here. Today inmates get better treatment than most working families do struggling on the outside and thats whats very sad. You want to help someone? Why don’t you try to help someone who doesn’t break the law for personal gain? Programming and Classes? Oh boy heres a simple one. Do they work? Yes. But only if said inmate WANTS to better him or her self. You can’t force people to change, bottom line. Far as how many times they can take the classes it varies between departments but if the class is sucessful why would they need to take it more than once? Thats just a waste of funding. Leaving inmates to sleep, read or write their time away? I fail to see how giving them video games is any different than that, its not constructive time management… Besides thats why modern prisions have work programs to help occupy inmates time and teach job skills. Prisons as money makers? Really? Your serious? Maybe in the private sector prisons they try such an assinine idea. In actual state run departments this is very much IMPOSSIBLE. Yes we officers DO have a code of conduct which we DO abide by. As with any profession their are a few bad apples, thats unavoidable. But if both of you want to sit there and bad mouth the job I do everyday which helps keep you safe at night might I make a few suggestions first. One, you both edjucate yourselfs in the reality of corrections. Two, come do my job and walk my beat scince its so easy and you have such a desire to better the system. I’m willing to bet money once you understand how things really are you won’t be “crusading” on such baseless thoughts and ideas. Three, if your expecting a bunch of sympathetic replys from actual people in corrections your either in the wrong place or going about it totally off base.

Male user inmatecrusader 1 post

Toodles to Justus….Prisons have become a money making scheme. By cussing, degrading and leaving the inmates to read, write or sleep their time away, the prison system is surely setting them up for failure in society. The inmate is sure to return to prison providing “job security” for the officers. While many prisons allow self betterment classes, an inmate serving a long sentence can only take each class once. Some prison systems boast that they have such classes but do not allow inmates to attend them. Some officers think that if they are not cussing, beating, or putting down an inmate they are not doing their job. Officers have a code of conduct which they are SUPPOSED to abide by. This code of conduct must be inforced if we want to better our prison systems.

Female user Justus 11 posts

So while he was sitting there quietly, in jail, doing his time and hopefully attending cognitive behaviourally based programming to help him unlearn criminal thinking, was anyone hurt? Well then sir, your job of maintaining security was made that much easier by Nintendo!! Careful or Super Mario just may be the next Warden! Gone are the days of treating people like garbage in hopes that somehow that’ll make them a better person who will get out and be a law abiding citizen. Treating convicted criminals as though they had no hope only creates more vicious criminals.

Male user tommo11 11 posts

Unfortunately this is the way we are heading now. Wait until a politician or judge gets affected by a crimminal, then you will see a change….

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Brace yourself… I’m sure somebody somewhere will think thats a good idea.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well I watched an inmate listening to his MP3 player playing a game of Wii tennis today and sighed. I no longer think that prison is a deterrent at all. I mean we are letting them play video games. They just put out a policy where we are to back off on the grooming code. Where is this crap going to end? I just hope I retire before they hand the keys over to these guys and let them run it because they don’t want to leave. When they allow conjugal visits I know that prisons will just be another free home for those who want to live without responsibility.

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