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Unusual situation


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Female user jax 1 post

We know that the use of oc spray is unavoidable in the area of your employment. Any allergy be it to bees, pepper spray, etc, must be managed as it has the potential to be a life threatening event. However being in a correctional facility puts a slight spin on things. First, make sure correctional staff, specifically supervisors/administrators know that you have this condition and require your epi pen in some proximity accessable, yet secure; that correctional staff assigned to your area or co-workers know it is there for your safety as well as knowing that a potential weapon is out there. Jobs are hard to come by these days, only you know what you can tolerate and what is best for you.

Male user hawksam57 1 post

Keep working…keep your epi pen in your pocket….inform your co-workers and anyone else (to include inmates).Good jobs are hard to find!

Male user richard.brown 1 post

Keep working….keep your epi pen in your pocket….inform your co-workers and anyone else you feel appropriate/necessary of your condition. Tell them that you carry an epi-pen at all times on your person, instruct them, demonstrate to them how to use it on you…..instruct them to use it on you should you be incapacitated by pepper spray and unable to do so.

Female user zebrawood 1 post

I am the kitchen manager/correction officer for a small jail and I have developed an anaphylaxtic reaction (throat closing) to pepper spray. It happen about a year ago and last week. I went to the Dr. the first time and got an epi pen, hoping that it was a freak thing anyway. But now it appears that it isnt. After a Dr. appt this last time a letter was written that I should avoid/limit my exposure to pepper spray. The sheriff is letting me still work under the instruction that staff warn me when they will spray. I am not completely comfortable with this yet kinda glad I didnt lose my job. What would you do.

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