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Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

your kidding shakey…how can you be to Militarily trained when i comes to a tactical team?

Flag shakey 191 posts

It’s true what officermerc said, I was denied the upgrade to Tactical because they said I was to Militarily trained (MP)?. So I dropped them, go figure.

Gun  custom   wince   small lgh85 4 posts

Twelve, the SORT team has a completely different mission than PERT.

PERT treams would be used for a prison disturbance

SORT is for hostage type siutations and any situation that would require a small special ops type operation. It is very difficult to get on this team, only the very best of the PERT teams are accepted.

These guys are good at what they do. They have finished very well in the international SWAT team competetion that is held in Little Rock each year.

Do not quote me but I do believe they have finished in the top ten.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

mikeyusmc, is the SORT team so small by design, or would people just rather stay on their local team? 12 members don’t sound like they are going to be much of a force to be reckoned with.

Male user mikeyusmc 4 posts

In NC we have 2 levels, PERT (Prison Emergency Response Team) and SORT. You must apply to and be accepted in PERT first then from there you can apply and try out for SORT when openings come available. We also have seperate sniper teams which you must also need to be a PERT member in order to try out for. I have been on PERT for over 6 years. Our SORT team only has 12 members for the whole state.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

With us it’s a minimum of 2 years.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

In Ohio you have to be employed for at least a year, and make it off your probationary period, to be able to apply and be considered for their SRT (Special Response Team), STAR (Special Tactics And Response) and TRT (Tactical Rifle Team) teams.

Male user OfficerMerc 8 posts

If you have ever been through basic training in the military, then keep in mind that former military personel are usually the first to drop out of training.

Male user OfficerMerc 8 posts

Usually you have to be employed by your agency for a year but it differs.

Male user sobie01 3 posts

Special Ops Response Team how hard or soon can you get involved once you start as A CO. Thanks Sobie01 God Bless

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