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Right to Work/Unionization


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Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

I think I know how your going to vote. But yeah I see your point (some what) but lets get to the sad fact of your post, Union favortism, it happens but so what ain’t nothing ever correct or done the ways it ment to, It’s called human error and remenber if they don’t represnt you proper then you can greave it I did and won. We don’t have it all gravey but it sure beats not having someone to help you out when you get the screws put to ya by managment for something you didn’t do. I thing we can all agree that it you did do something wrong you should get so sort of punishment instead of having the union get you off.

Sorry for my grammer errors. I’m tired and well… I don’t know any better.

Stay strong and watch your back. oh,and keep a eye out for the inmates to.

Male user Newtime 1 post

Some very important facts have not been mentioned. In Ohio correctional employees have to pay union dues for employment. The sad fact is that the unions pick and choose who they represent (even with conflicts between employees). The unions are allowed to present their political views on bulletin boards but opposing views and candidates are not allowed to be represented. In some states,some employees have been threatened and ostracized by those pro-union staff. This never gets in the media! I have been verbally attacked and “set up” many times by employees with powerful union support.

12517963451487469754us department of justice seal svg hi CHZBURGR 29 posts

As a former IDOC CO and a current IDOC parole officer I feel your pain. I do however believe that we are adequately represented with our current leadership as it relates to the legislature. Lets pray for some positive action in the legislature this year.

Male user Afrobob 18 posts

I am not a fan of unions. That being said, Idaho is a right to work state, or as I like to put it, a right to get screwed by your employer state. With no laws on the books concerning work week or hours, my employer has before forced its employees to work up to four sixteen hour shifts in a row and then even tried to intimidate us into coming in on our days off. Unfortunately, in situations like these, if you don’t have a union to protect you from crap like that then you are pretty much just screwed. We don’t have a union so it stands to reason that we also don’t have any staff most of the time. This is not the way things should work. If we had ethics in business, we wouldn’t need unions and if we had ethics in unionization then we wouldn’t need “right to work” laws. I think we all should have the right to be treated well, regardless of business.

Male user pookii 12 posts

Okay, I have to get this off my chest. I’m a big union fan, even as a supervisor. Let’s look at Wisconsin. Gov Walker stated that he needed to take away collective bargaining because the union contracts, which include benefits and wage and hours issues, were killing the state budget. Okay, fine. But the new law allows for negotiating for only wage and hour and benefits. What? In other words, Gov Walker allowed unions to negotiate over the very things he claims killed the state budget. Under normal rules of logic, it would be the opposite: you can negotiate hours, work week, etc, but wages and pensions are non-negotiable. Logic just seems to elude some.

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