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Male user Illinois Won... 15 posts

I absolutely agree with Mudflap!!! No matter what you do, never lie by omission. They will find out. Not getting the job is better than getting fired after you start. I had a misdemeanor charge in 1990 (DUI) and I was hired in Illinois corrections in 2001, the first time I applied. I have heard that there is a 5 year wait after a conviction in Illinois. I don’t swear by that, though. GOOD LUCK! Corrections is the best job I have ever hated.


Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts


Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Welcome to the zoo, Trichelle.

Mick’s right about checking with whatever entity you’re interested in. City, county and state are all different, and some cities (or counties) are more strict than others.

So herer’s my two cents: If you are truly interested in a career in Corrections, don’t give up until after you’re told “no” and even then don’t stop unless you’re told “don’t come back.” You might even learn you will qualify after a certain period of time after the conviction. The main thing to remember is to never neglect to bring it up. You MIGHT be turned down because of it, but you WILL be let go when they find out you lied about it, and the reason you were let go will follow you around for the rest of your career.

Come back and let us know what happens, eh?

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

I can’t speak for your area so I am not shooting you down. Just telling you the way it is with us. My advise is to contact your Dept of Corrections and ask them.

Female user TrichelleOD 3 posts

oK so should i not try at all. I havent been in any trouble since then, should i maybe look towards another career

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

With us any form of record would count against you.

Female user TrichelleOD 3 posts

Right now I’m in college and I’m planning on getting an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I want to pursue a career as a Correctional Officer. I was arrested one time in my life for Criminal Mischeif in the 4th. It was a felony but dropped down to a misdemeanor. Since then i completed all my programs that were court ordered and fully complied with my probation requirements. Does anyone know if this first time arrest would affect me being a Correctional Officer? I always wanted to do this, well since i was 14. I am now 22 years old , and this arrest happened when i was 21 . Can someone help me with this question ?

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