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Interview Monday in Ohio


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Male user muskrat72 11 posts

First off, don’t let Shakey scare you away from the job. Just because Kasick is running his mouth before he gets into office does’nt mean he will follow through with any of his rants. However, do keep that in mind as you do go through the process so there is no guarentees.

Congratulations on your CJ degree. It is a good program and you should be proud of what you have accomplished. Most of your older generation officers do not hold degrees to high standards and usually downplay them. However, your degree is one step forward than most have coming into this field. This gives you a leg up as you go through the academy and into the institution that you are assigned. Remember though that what you learn in a classroom is a lot different from the real life experiance you will encounter especially if you go through one of the more dangerous institutions like ManCi, LeCi and so forth.

When you go into your interview just remember all that you have learned in college and be honest in your answers. The majority of the interviewers you will encounter have started as Officers and worked their way to the position they hold now. This means they can tell when someone is not being forthrite with them.

Once you get in do continue your nursing program if you already started it. Once you get hired as a nurse you will be able to carry your state seniority with you.

Good luck to you and let us know how you do.

Flag shakey 191 posts

If your going to be a Corrections Officer you will not need anything but a high school diploma, unless you plan to move up in the system it would help. But with the new Governor coming in and wanting to slash and burn things and he is also a Union hater, don’t throw all you kittens in on the job just yet, because I think he’s looking for a 10% cut across the board? and that means approx. 350+ jobs we would have to cut.

Right now we are going through a hiring benge? and some are thinking that they might be the sacifical lambs to show that we are complying with the budget and still be able to keep a safe work force.

My advice to you, is to keep up with the nursing program, being that there is more of a demand for that skill than one that requires you to be able to tie your shoes.at least to be a CO in Ohio.

Take it from me I’ve been here for 17 years, Don’t get me wrong there are some great Officers but the idiot’s sometimes smother us. Plus it’s a good field to be in but right now with the economy the way it is, we are a dime a dozen because of the saturated market of CJ degrees that are out there.

Hope all works out for you good luck.

Female user ohio44 1 post

I am been looking at this site for quite awhile. I have an interview on Monday, and praying that I will get the job. I was a CJ major, but my family convinced me I would never have a career with that major; so I switched over to Nursing. Now that I finally got the call, I am hoping to get hired and continue with my CJ degree. Just wondered if anyone had any advice for me? A few other people I know got interviews and as long as their drug tests came back negative, they were called with an academy start date. Hoping the same is true for myself. Just wanted to come in and troduce myself, and hopefully I can get some helpful advice. Thanks!!!

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