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Max Inmates - What discipline?


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Male user dethurmond 2 posts

The loaf is a great idea. At my facility the loaf is given when we can justifiy the security risk. As far as taking mail, I have not heard of a facility being able to mess with the mail and be able to get my with it. I would be more worried about the mail instead of the loaf when it comes to aclu.

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

CJPROF, I used to run a seg unit in Missouri and I know first hand that we used nutri-loaf for flooding and throwing urine, and other things, on staff as well as abusing food items such as trays. It worked and we had control of that unit. I’m in another state now and don’t know if they still do it in Missouri but we did it then and it worked. The only other thing that works when they’re on a lock-down status already is take all their property until their behavior is under control for a period of time then gradually give it back.

Male user cjprof 4 posts

It sounds like you are limited to only taking priviledges. If he is already only getting an hour of dayroom time and likely an hour of recreation, I’m guessing he is getting cell confinment as a means of not placing him in a segregation unit in order to save cell space for others, man power, and paper work. This limits you to suspending priviledges like commissary, phones, visits, recreation, and other activities. Agencies that are ACA certified shouldn’t be suspending mail priviledges for the most part unless there is a sufficient security reason (something beyond behavioral). As well, most agencies will not allow the use of nutriloaf unless the inmate is abusing the food or food service equipment (tray, spork, etc.). The only saving grace is that his behavior should/will affect his parole eligibility if that is even an option for him. Most Parole Boards look at disciplinary history when making decisions regarding parole. Unfortunately, it seems the options are limited unless your agency/facility has some type of behavior adjustment program. Good luck.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

I would suppose you would call it a commissary. A shop for the inmates to buy candy etc.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Hay Mick, what’s Tuck Shop?

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

There is nothing as effective as nutri-loaf. If you have an inmate already doing a long stint of dis seg time and he acts out like flooding, etc. he’ll be begging for mercy after a couple days of nutri-loaf. Problem is most departments are too wimpy to use it, too scared of the ACLU.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

With us they lose all privileges, that includes Solitary, Tuck Shop,Phone calls, Letters, Visits, Rec time,Etc. This can last up to 8 weeks depending on the crime.

Male user kdw149 1 post

My question is what does your facility do about disciplining maximum security inmates? In my facility we seem to always give room confinement which to a max inmate is of no real consequence. If he loses an hour of dayroom time per day it is no big deal but he tells other inmates that he then gets away with what ever he wants.

So does your facility have any more creative ways of dealing with these max inmates who know what they can do with little consequence? I appreciate all serious replies.

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