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Want to live/work in USA


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Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts







I’m impressed that you already had one interview in the States, so wouldn’t it be pretty close to the same criteria for a trip today? Why did you stop after you already went through part of the process? Looks like you already have a lot of the background and legwork done for a new attempt and all you need to do is get new paperwork and transfer the information you had on the old paperwork. What’s holding you back?

Male user db6566 6 posts

In 2001 I had an interview in a prison in Texas,I was offered a job and tried to do all the paperwork but it seemed like you get through one bunch of paperwork only to be confronted by another lot,i.e. fill in all the immigration stuff then you have to satisfy the requirements of the labour board.I guess that’s why immigration lawyers make such a good living lol !
Any suggestions as to how you go about getting a green card without having first secured a job or how you get a job without a green card gratefully recieved.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

You will need a Green Card at the very least. To work in any Federal institution you would have to be an American Citizen.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Sorry to hear about your “change in domestic circumstances”. I personally have no idea about immigration, but you can surely get information from either the US or UK embassy over there (I don’t even know about the new rules about visiting Canada or Mexico!). I don’t see any major problems getting a job over here, though. Seems the prison systems are always hiring. The biggest hurdle would be having something definite before you make the move. Looks like there are some good info from earlier posts, too.

Male user db6566 6 posts

I had no responses for a while,then had a change in domestic circumstances so had to concentrate on other things.Now things are all sorted and there is no further any avenue of promotion for me in the UK ,I would once again be very grateful for any assistance or information anyone could give me on making the move to the USA.
Any state,any security category of prison,public or private sector I am still interested in moving ANYWHERE as long as it’s in the USA!

Male user twentygrand28 1 post

Is there any members from the Philippines? If so, please contact me. Thank you.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Does anyone know how this turned out? He had the one post then dropped out!

Bop bronze seal BOPRecruiter 9 posts

The prestigious Corrections component of the Department of Justice continues to expand during this unstable economic time. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has three new facilities under construction with activation dates that vary within the next 9 months. New medium security level facilities are under construction in McDowell County (Welch), West Virginia; Mendota (Fresno County), California and Berlin (Coos County), New Hampshire.

Remember, prisons are like small cities surrounded by the security of a fence and although, 100% of staff in our institutions are “Correctional Workers First,” there are MORE than just Correctional Officer positions available. We need food service supervisors, warehouse supervisors, accounting technicians, secretaries, Medical Officers, recreation specialists, teachers, Psychologists and case managers to name a few. Approximately 200 new positions to fill at each new location!

To view the Bureau of Prisons recruitment videos visit www.youtube.com/TeamTalentRecruiter. For more up to the minute information, join www.twitter.com/BOPRecruiter! To contact a Team Talent Recruiter, e-mail Talent.Team@yahoo.com and receive a response within 24 hours!

Male user grumpy 7 posts

state of pa-youth development-aide,supervisor,counselor,counselor supervisor,manager,director

all positions are hiring

PA is a great place to live

eamil me if you need help applying turbo38@mail.com

Male user ecso11 5 posts

try contacting the department of homeland security. they might could help you

Male user db6566 6 posts Hi my name is Dave,16 year veteran of HM Prison Service(England,UK)currently employed as a senior officer(equivalent to sergeant/lieutenant)at HMP Dartmoor.I am absolutely desperate to live and work in the USA, can any kind soul give me any info on how to negotiate the minefield of immigration?I've worked with every type of offender in every kind of prison here in the UK and in Grand Cayman,I would consider any vacancy, in any prison ,any state,public or private sector.Does anyone know how I would go about this?Thanks a lot,any replies to badmojo6566@hotmail.co.uk

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