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Contemplating becoming a co


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Isr DT Instructor 108 posts

You can expect to be tested and you will run into things in your 1st week that have never happened to me in over 14 years on the job, because you’re a female. The more you learn while working in corrections the more confident you will be, it is up to you to determine what type of officer you will be. Pick up things from the officers you see that have their sh*t together, imitation is the highest form of flattery. You will see and hear things that will blow your mind, but after some time you will get desensitized to all the madness and accept that it’s par for the course. “Normal” is just a state of mind really… Knowing policies and procedures is the key, never give them anything more than what they have coming.

Now, as far as physical fitness…. well let’s just say one would think if you locked yourself up with typically violent convicted felons for on average between 8 to 12 hours a day you’d put a premium on physical fitness. Sadly this is not the case. The assessments are generally a joke and the department I work for abolished them.

As Mick said a lot of your days will be routine and somewhat boring, but those other days…….. ahhh those other days are what keep me coming back in here!!!

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Took me over 9 months to get a call for a job after I put my application in

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

The Oral board is like any interview. When I did it we had a Psychologist, a Warden and a senior Civil Servant conducting the interview. I don’t know what your Board would involve but I assume it would be similar. As for how long that depends on any number of factors from how many recruits they need and when fast they need them.

Female user shy1 2 posts

Thanks for the info and advice. Just seems like so much to learn. I think I may try to apply but how long does the whole process take? And is it hard or a long wait to actually get a position? I also read there are oral boards, I am a very shy public speaker when the focus is all on myself.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

You got that right Sarge, My wife works as a C/O and man does she boss me around, " pick up that trash, clean your bunk area (I don’t even have a bunk but heck I’m not going to say nothing.) Get away from the desk, put your shirt on, and pull up those pants. Heck if I wasn’t a C/O myself I’d be lost with the entire prison vernacular she uses. But hey I love her and she says she loves me 24/7 and around the block. Oh and when she yell’s “SHAKE DOWN” I know I’m in for a treat.

Female user Sarge 3 posts

I was 35 when I started and just had my 24 years anniversary last week. I intend to do the full 30 years. Your confidence will amaze you after you have been in the job for awhile. I was always ballsy and never let anyone bother me, but now it is even worse! My husband complains about my attitude saying I bring it home with me. You will do fine and I suggest you at least try it for awhile. I drove past this place for 15 years and never thought about working here until a friend recommended it. I don’t regret it and wish I had started eariler.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

To the First Question. No you are not to Old but with us to get the full pension you must serve 30 years and mandatory retirement is at 60 but you would get about 3/4 of the full at 25 years. Secondly the majority of our time is routine and at times boring. It’s not like the movies or what you get to see in documentaries. Thirdly if you are reasonably fit (you don’t need to be an Olympic Athlete) you will be fine. And yes there is a physical assessment as part of the recruitment process. It is to see if you are physically capable of carrying out your duties. Eg: Responding to an alarm you may have to run across an exercise yard and up flight of stairs and help tackle an inmate. As for the academy yes everyone has to go through it. Its like basic training in the Military. It will teach you about how to deal with different situations with inmates, Self defence and how to restrain an inmate properly, the laws and regulations regarding inmates and working in corrections. As for shyness that wont be long in disappearing if you do join. A few years ago a colleague of mine joined. She was small shy and frightened to death of what the job entailed. Her circumstances were very much like yours. To see her today you would not think it was the same person. She is full of self confidence not in the least bit shy and its the inmates that are terrified of her.
But in saying all the above I will add one caveat. This Job is not for everyone. Many join and many leave within the first year. There is no shame in this as I said some are not just cut out for it. But if you do join and stay you will at times love and hate this Job. But the bond of friendship you will forge with your colleagues will last a lifetime. And it is that bond that will help you through the shitty days and make the Job that much easier.

Female user shy1 2 posts

I am 35 years old, single mother of 2. Not in the worst shape but do not work out regularly, yet. I have a friend who was talking about an acquaintance who works as a Corrections Officer. The more I heard the more I was intrigued. I was a SAHM for many years and did not even finish my AA, I found myself without a career or education and with children to support. This job interests me because of job security, but also I like that it is not boring. I want to be part of a team, have an exciting job that is not so redundant. Since I have none to discuss this with I would like some info. Am I too old? How in shape do I have to be? I saw there was a physical test with running, sit-ups and push-ups but does everyone have to go through an academy before the can become a co? I can have a cold calm exterior but I am actually a bit shy and self conscious. I am also worried about being tough enough, physically. I have never been in a fight and do not consider myself very strong. Should I rule this job choice out? Or are there tips to help me succeed in this field? Thank you

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