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Male user kodiakbears 2 posts

Since the current trend in the CJ is alternative sentencing and more emphasis on community corrections – check out those states that are actively revising their sentencing laws to re-direct their resources to the parole and probation areas. Those trends are usually shown in the DOJ reports on the web.

Male user ckent0216 3 posts

Sergeant, I agree with you 1,000%!!

Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

Nervousness is one thing, confidence is quite another. I was told once (going to a promotion board for Sergeant in the Army) “Go in there like you own the damn board !” That stuck with me for the next two that I had to go to. Never had any problems. Confidence in going into the board, and yes being nervous. It’s only human nature to be nervous when one is being evaluated in anything. So when you go into the interview it’s YOUR interview. An attitude of "C’mon give me the questions, I’ll give you the answers, so go ahead and ask me anything ! " In this profession confidence is the major attitude, presence, and what you portray to the inmate. Without it you’ll be eaten alive.

Flag shakey 191 posts

Don’t worry about the answers to much, just say what comes to mind, they will probably ask things like " How would you deal with this or that type of situation". Just answer with common sence ( unless you think you should bash everyone in the head if they looked at you wrong). just remember, there are really is no right or wrong answers to every situation that comes along. Just follow polices as close as you can and it all works out. Also you will never do the same thing twice, because every inmate is different and the reations will deffer also. The Correctional field is a living training session, where as you will allways be learning new things. Just walk in and present a strong personnality during the interview and in your head repeat the mantra of " You don’t need this job, you what it, but don’t need it". keep that in mind and it will calm you down a bit.

Good luck and god speed.

Male user ckent0216 3 posts

Ok, lacking might be the wrong word to describe it, but in the interview I gave a good answer to there questions, but just really nerves in general like any other interview!!!

Male user Sniper7310 14 posts

Shakey that is the best answer about confidence I have seen yet. Not to mention the absolute truth (the joke side and the serious side) If you are lacking confidence ckent dont get into corrections because you are working with wolves and if they see your lacking you will end up being someones B@#$ period end of story.

Flag shakey 191 posts

You might want to look at some of the private Correctional companys, because that’s what a lot of States are looking at as a possable way to save them money. The Feds were on a hiring binge a while back, might want to try them. As for confidence, go to your local biker bar and start explaining to them about the EPA’s stand on leaky oil and about the local noise ordinance being violated. Your reply here next week will give us at idea where your confidence level is at and if futher situations are needed to boost it to a higher level.

Just joking..? but seriously, if you are lacking the confidence to take a interview in this field, then mabe a job in corrections is not for you.

Male user ckent0216 3 posts

I am literally just getting started I am applying to as many Correctional jobs as possible does anyone have any advice? I am lacking confidence in the interview …

Male user kodiak2512 2 posts

Western Kentucky or Southern Indiana

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

What state are you looking to work in?

Male user kodiak2512 2 posts

In March I receive my degree in CJ. I would like to know if anyone can provide helpful tips fro getting started in the CJ community. My emphasis was probation and parole. I would love to work with juveniles but I just want to get going.

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